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Will life ever be the same again?

After a life-changing event, it’s normal to feel lost, like your world is slowly spinning out of your grasp. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. I’m here to help. Let me bring you on a journey to discover a life and spirit in perfect unity.

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Spirit Coaching

Unlock your potential and discover your optimal state of being through intensive one-on-one sessions with master life coach and spirit healer Vickie Judge.

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The Avallon Workshop Series

Crafted as an eight part, year-long virtual program, this collection of classes can be taken individually or as part of a yearly series dedicated to helping you uncover the person you’ve been waiting to be.

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Meet Vickie

From humble beginnings in rural Idaho to master life coach and spiritual guide, learn the origins of Vickie’s unique abilities to guide both the spiritual and personal development of clients from around the world.

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Vickie has a very calm and beautiful way of communicating. Vickie was able to leave me plenty of time to think and was able to make me come up with the goals myself.

- Chantel Price

Vickie set a very professional tone while making me feel listened to. With her guidance, I was able to come to some realizations about how some of my beliefs were holding me back.

- LaDonna Roles

Vickie established rapport and made the conversation easy. She did an excellent job of listening and helping me identify some clear steps I could take to move forward.

- Michelle Grabicki

What an honor and pleasure to work with Vickie! She has a true gift for her call to assist people in seeing a greater or bigger understanding of their personal goals. She helped me realize my current perspective to then shift to one much more beneficial, thus moving me forward towards the life I choose to live. She helped me stay focused when I would go down a road not serving my best interests.

Vickie is professional yet, offers a warm, open heart, creating a sense of comfort as we worked through challenges together.

Thank you, Vickie. I would recommend you to anyone looking for assistance to move beyond current circumstances to a better life.

- Tamra LaRese

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