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My name’s Vickie, and I’m your spiritual intuitive life coach, nice to meet you!

I was born and raised in a small town in northern Idaho. Even as a child, I had a strong empathetic and spiritual connection to our world, but It wasn’t until much later that I embraced this part of myself. Growing up, I knew I was different, but I didn’t talk about any of my experiences because I was afraid of being judged.

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Getting to Know Spirit

As a young child, I had childhood friends, but I would also play with my “imaginary” friends, which I now know was an early form of connection to my spirit guides. At the time, my family lived close to a cemetery where I would walk our dogs. As I would visit the graves, I would receive the spirits’ stories of their lives in our small town.

When I entered adolescence, I started experiencing moments of Deja`vu, premonitions, and witnessing spiritual entities. I was still very cautious, even with my own family, about sharing what I was experiencing, so I only told my best friend and swore her to secrecy.

Overcoming My Obstacles

As I entered adulthood, I married too young, became a mother too young, and was thrust into an adult role that I wasn’t ready to take on. I joined the Navy to provide for my child and, shortly after that, found myself widowed. The emotional turmoil and stress of my rapidly changing life led to an overwhelming amount of spiritual activity in my home. I tried my best to ignore it, but the experiences would continue for the next several years but quieted down as my life found a steady course. 

Many of my clients share that they, too, have too often denied their own spirituality under stress. If you are facing these challenges, please contact me today.


As life began to settle, I met my future husband, Matt, and shortly thereafter married and had a second child. By now, my spiritual experiences had quieted to a dull roar. They were still a part of my life but were able to be suppressed most of the time. A little while later, I left the Navy to pursue a professional career in hospital administration.

My new career was not what I had been hoping for; cruel management, uncompromising time requirements, and unattainable goals left me feeling like a beaten dog chained to a cage. 

My frustration and pain came to a head when my father had a TIA stroke and was diagnosed with dementia. I was overwhelmed and felt powerless. I began experiencing panic attacks, something I had never struggled with before. I knew I needed to make a big change in my life for my well-being.

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Discovering My Calling

So I left my job for a much less stressful position and took up meditation. I discovered the book The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, which helped me to celebrate, understand, and use my empathic abilities to empower myself and others.

I was amazed at how much my new insights changed my life. During this time, my father passed, and I started having weekly conversations with his spirit as I worked through my grief. I was finally integrating my intuitive gifts into my life. 


During the pandemic, I was inspired by a dream of helping others overcome obstacles. So I became certified in Master Spiritual, Wellness, and Emotional Intelligence coaching.

My Practice Today

I now devote myself full time to helping my clients with their journeys by bringing in the support of spirit into traditional life coaching methodologies. 

By remembering and honoring that connection, we cultivate positive feelings and encouragement towards success.


I want my clients to share the powerful experience of transformation I received when I began to celebrate, use, and share my gifts.

I am passionate about helping others, and I love seeing my clients' results during our creative and insightful sessions.

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As Your Coach...

My primary role as a coach is to guide and support you in working toward your goals and helping you find solutions to life's challenges. Throughout our engagement, I’ll help you better access your own intuition and tap into the power of the divine.


Together we identify and clarify your core desires/dream goals that you want to achieve. We then design a plan together, complete with actionable weekly goals, accountability, and the tools you need to succeed in your journey.


When obstacles, challenges, or distractions arise, the plan is adjusted to help keep you on track and focused on your progress.

Know this; if you choose to work with me, I’m on your team. I’m in your corner. We navigate together to make YOUR goals attainable.

Schedule your free spirit session today, and let's work on building you a better tomorrow.

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