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Become your true self, and fill your world with light inside the Avallon Workshop series.

Studies have shown that an integral element of self-care is spending time on your own personal growth. But growth can often be hindered by the shadows of our own doubts, loss of direction, and lack of accountability, as well as the negative thoughts that can keep us stuck in place. Growth requires both the will to change and the courage to see it through.


For those courageous travelers, we welcome you to the Avallon Workshop series.

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8 Unique Masterclasses to Explore

We designed our workshop series and masterclass program to provide a consistent flow of spiritual, mental, and physical growth through six-week intensive masterclasses designed to engage you at the deepest levels as an individual while also providing you the opportunity to bond with like-minded spiritual travelers during this heightened period of growth.

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Designed and instructed by master certified professional coach and a master certified spiritual coach Vickie Judge, you can be assured that your journey will discover the path to your true self with the help of an experienced guide

Hour-long sessions each week are paired with at-home practices thoughtfully crafted to continue your growth between sessions. Our limited group size allows a great deal of personal comfort and provides the opportunity for our students to share their vulnerability in a safe, understanding, and compassionate environment.   

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Will You be One of the 10?

Our goal is to ensure all our students feel they are seen, heard, and have the opportunity to address their challenges, ask questions, and bond with the group. For this reason, we limit each course to only 10 participants. Please complete the sign-up form on the next page to lock in your place for the next session...

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